General Questions

The majority of our work is website design and development but we also do logo design, business cards, newsletter templates and much more. There isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to producing eye catching websites with content management systems and e-commerce features.

If you would like to see our range of services please see our What We Do page.

We have worked with a range of clients including O2, Unilever, Royal Mail, Royal Air Force, Earl’s & Co. and many more. Please take a look at some of our recent work here.

All of our team is based in the UK and no work is contracted abroad.

Not to worry. We offer our service to clients that are based anywhere, we have clients in London, Cheltenham, Bristol, Poole, Manchester and even Germany.

It’s not always necessary to meet in person thanks to technology, this allows us to manage projects by phone, email and Facetime. We keep all our project brief’s backed up online, so we can project manage everything effectively and paper free. We are a paper free company.

We have worked with many businesses of all niches. We always complete background research on each client’s sector, including clients local competition and Google trends as everything continues to evolve. This ensures we provide the best possible outcome for all our clients investments.

Yes, we do. The price that we quote you will not change unless you change the brief during the project. We would inform you of any additional charges before additional changes are made.

We require a 50% deposit to be paid once the quote and project structure has been agreed, this deposit secures your booking. With larger projects, we break up costings into manageable payments. Once the project is complete we would require the remaining 50%. 

We accept payment by bank transfer (BACS)

If you need to cancel a project, please let us know as soon as possible. If we haven’t started the project we will refund you your deposit, but we would need to charge for any work carried out.

Branding & Design Questions

When it comes to design, the answer is yes. From the design of your logo and brand to anything this could be applied to in print and online. We take care of the whole lot for you.

Our projects are tightly project managed to ensure your deadline is met. We also need to keep to deadlines because we always have other clients booked in.

Timing varies depending on the size of the print run and special print effects such as embossing. Once we have processed your order, the turnaround is normally around 48hrs but can take up to 5 working days taking bank holidays into consideration.

This is yet to happen but it is important for us to provide you with a great outcome. Our project briefing processes ensure that we are inline with your vision. We have a step by step process, but if for any reason you are not happy with the quality of our work, we can revisit the design and try to come up with a solution.

Digital Questions

This is just the beginning. Once your website has been created we will stay in touch to keep you updated with Google’s latest trends, possible software updates and suggesting ideas. We want all our clients to succeed and we know how tough it is starting out.

This is a hard question because there is a misconception that the more pages you have the higher the cost will be, but we factor in the scale of the design and functionality of the website. For example do you need a simple portfolio website to showcase your services or do you need to sell a range of products equipped with control panel to monitor sales.

There is also additional software to consider and coding time. To give you a rough estimate below are a few sample prices;

Portfolio websites starts from £1200

Online sales website start from £2500

Advanced websites start from £5000

All agencies have a hourly rate, the average is £70-£100 per hour but some established agencies can charge £250 per hour.

Little Big Press charge £60 per hour and if a client needs something that requires little time we usually do this for free.

Please check out this insight to get a better understanding of costings.

Once you have paid for your website in full, the website belongs to you.

Yes. When we build websites we apply some essential SEO but more advanced Google friendly techniques can be added to improve your search ranking.

Yes. We provide our clients with cost-effective hosting and our servers are faster than some of the more well known hosting providers.

If you have bought your own domain name, you legally own it as long as you keep paying the renewal fees. If Little Big Press purchases the domain name on your behalf, it will be within our system so we can easily administer it for you. We are also happy to update details and if requested we can transfer to another hosting provider at any point.

Yes. We provide the most up to date IMAP, webmail and exchange email protocols. We also give you settings so you can sync your emails up to you ipad and mobile devices.

Yes. We would require some details about your hosting provider then we do the rest.