How Much does a website cost?


In this blog, we will talk about how much websites cost and a price comparison to other design agencies.


What is the cost of a starter website?


A small website is normally made up of 1-10 pages which are perfect for startups and small businesses. A small website is ideal for displaying your services and gives your business a professional online presence.


Before you invest in a website you need to consider how easy would it expand in the future especially if you are going to sell products or add more services.


It’s a good idea to get an idea of who you would like to build your website, whether it’s a Design agency, a freelance developer.


Most UK based agencies can charge around £40 – £130 per hour

Freelance developers can charge around £15 – £60 per hour depending on experience.


When you agree a price make sure there are no hidden costs, make sure everything’s signed off at the beginning of the project before work begins.


Your website will continue to evolve over time so it will take time to perfect, so make sure you don’t get caught up paying for additional changes. (Think about what you want from your website.)

The average cost of a small website would be the following

Domain & Hosting £50 – £100

Design & build £400 – £1000

Ongoing costs £0 to £10 per month


This is just a guide but the price can vary depending on the number of revisions, additional software, dedicated servers and eCommerce features.


What is the cost of a small business website


A small business website usually has 10-20 pages, it tends to have limited functionality and needs very few plugins. This type of website is ideal for online stores using Wordpress as the platform. It is worth choosing an option that allows you to upgrade because the online industry is fast-paced.


It is crucial that your website is mobile responsive because majority of traffic now originates from mobile devices.

Before you start thinking about your small website we would recommend you think about the following;

How many pages/ sections do you need?

What functions do you require – does your website need a dynamic portfolio or take online sales.

Does your website need to grow in the future

Do you need stock images or do you need to provide the imagery


Domain & Hosting £50 – £100

Design £600 – £1,200

Programming £900 – £2,000

Ongoing costs £0 to £30 per month

This is a price guide but expect to pay between 1,000 – £4,000 and set aside funds for a marketing campaign


What is the cost of a medium-sized website


A medium sized website is focused on eCommerce business or companies with a wide range of products.

When you have this size website there is more functionality and software involved, this is the next step up.

To get the best quality service it’s worth using a dedicated partner that understands your business and quick to overcome technical issues.

Below is a price guide

Domain & Hosting £50 – £300

Design £800 – £1,800

Content Creation £100 – £1,000

Programming £1000 – £3,000

Ongoing costs £0 to £60 per month


This size of website you would expect to pay over £1000


Cost of a large sized website


If your website requires 40 – 50 pages and require functionality and flexibility costs will be considerably more

This kind of website will have a full eCommerce system and will take time to build. The website will also need to be mobile responsive and dedicated hosting may be required

Domain & Hosting £50 – £300

Design £1,200 – £3,000

Content Creation £100 – £1,500

Mobile Responsiveness £200 – £2,000

Programming £1000 – £4,000

Ongoing costs £0 to £60 per month


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