Interactive Emails are becoming essential to make emails more engaging to customers.

Below are some of the latest interactive marketing trends.

Instead of just having a traditional email that only contains plain text and attachments, marketing companies are now creating more interactive emails that are packed with more creative and appealing add-ons.

Below are characteristics and advantages of using interactive emails for your business.

Better Compatibility with Google

Google announced back in September 2016 that interactive emails will now work on all devices, allowing developers to include complex email designs without having compatibility issues. Google has also optimised email layouts for viewing between mobile devices and desktop computers, so the possibilities are endless.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a  combination of static images which have multiple frames which creates an animated image. It creates a video quality effect while only using a little more space than a standard image.

Creative animations can be made to present information such as the launch of a new product, a service on a sales discount.


Adding a framework menu option inside your email can allow your customers to easily navigate through your products and services within the email. This is a great feature because it gives your customers options to choose before they click on your website. Great if you want to fast track your customer to a promotions page.

If you are providing your customer with news the customers can easily scroll through various categories and see what interests them the most before reading on.

Integrated Forms

If you need to collect information the use of Integrated forms are ideal. Instead of having the reader link to a new page, you can have the contact form embedded into the email form. There are templates that can simply be embedded within the email.
You can use check-boxes, radio buttons and text boxes for open-ended questions

Rotating Banners

Rotating Banners are ideal for emails that contain lots of information. You can get creative and the use of rotating banners to give the viewer an interactive experience. You can also make trending stories more easy to read by showing news snippets on the banners.


Sliders are a great to display various products within your email at the same time. This allows your viewers to make quick comparisons and view information on multiple products without needing to click on their inbox.

Sliders are great for product launches and displaying information. They are ideal for sellers who want to display a combination of pictures, information or product reviews inside the email.

The Future of Email

Creative interactive emails are becoming more popular and as a business, it’s vital to stay ahead of the game to keep your customers engaged in your product and services.

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