How SEO Works

SEO helps your website to be found online, we offer the latest insights to provide your website with great traffic and improve your online results.

SEO is a crucial part of your business. Google runs the show and dictates what are the best practices and these are always changing so you need to get it right.

A few important trends that took place back in 2016 was Video content is a focal point for Google and video is becoming an increasingly preferred format for both B2C and B2B marketers.

The production of quality of videos has vastly improved and thanks to faster internet speeds it is now a reality.


The quality of your website content will be crucial.

when it comes to the written side, expect long-form content to be more valuable. Posts between 1,000 and 1,500 words stand a better chance of a higher ranking but it also needs to be backed by useful information that is reliable for viewers.

Using Keywords

Originally SEO was mostly all about the keywords. Businesses used to cram loads of keywords into their websites to get noticed but Google has jumped on this.

When viewers are searching online for products, instead of responding to the exact keywords users enter in the search bar, Google returns results based on the intention of the users, so having the exact keyword doesn’t matter thanks to Google’s Algorithm.

Mobile Optimised

The fact is that users are now relying on mobile devices more than desktops to carry out searches.

Mobile-friendly websites play a crucial part to search results. If you are still running a non-mobile responsive website your SEO efforts will have a big impact!

Using SEO With Social Media

Google now indexes the social Web pages of businesses, which does cause conflicting statements.

Research suggests that Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and tweets will display clearly in Google search result last so there is a good reason for you to focus on promoting your content on social and make sure it is SEO optimised.

Local SEO

People are now carrying out local searches using their mobile devices more frequently.

Using a mix of local optimisation, marketing and social media reviews, local businesses can be much more competitive.

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